<VV> A Widow's burden

Grant Young gyoungwolf at earthlink.net
Tue Oct 27 12:54:49 EDT 2020

I don't mean to make light of a serious and depressing problem, but I have purchased over 150 carb cores this year from widows of Corvair owners who "collected" parts. The smallest lot was 17, and the largest so far was 30! I usually purchase them from an intermediary, so the wife might have gotten more for them directly.

My wife continues to point this out about some of my other "collectibles" such as my scale models (have sold over 200), and magazines and books, so I have started the unenjoyable process to share them with other younger collectors. (Our average life expectancy is 77 years, BTW). So, if your nature is to collect carburetors and such, please consider what a burden it could be for your heirs. I don't see them increasing much, if any, in value, given the limited market and excess availability. Just give me and others a chance to make things easier in the end, and use the extra money for date nights! I don't plan to rebuild much longer, so sell them while you can. (I am 71 and training my replacement). 
The Carbmeister

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