<VV> '69 Monza coupe, last four digits of VIN, 5271

Ed Thompson q53.832 at gmail.com
Sun Sep 13 16:44:42 EDT 2020

Interesting, colorful, 4-page article, six photos, plus "bite size" photo
on the cover of Hemmings Classic Car #194, November 2020.  Exported to
Japan in 1996, sold there quickly; bought by current owner, Takehisa
Yamada, in 2015.  Glacier Blue exterior, blue interior, 110-glide, looks to
be in terrific shape!

If you would like a color copy, via "snail mail," please advise your
address, off-line.  $2 to cover my costs.

Ed Thompson
q53.832 at gmail.com
'66 Monza sport sedan, 110-glide, 113K miles, LA-built, smog equipment
intact and functioning -- I think

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