<VV> 1964 Spyder powertrain install

Dave Leonard dave at arborlea.com
Thu Sep 24 10:18:04 EDT 2020

I had a similar problem with my '64, due to old trans mounts which I should
have replaced.  I'd try to correct it best you can, either by replacing the
mounts (best), or shimming down the "high" side to compensate.  Another
reason to correct is that if the trans isn't level, the camber will be off
somewhat between the rear wheels, assuming the car is sitting level.  1/2"
isn't all that much, but may as well correct it now when you have the

From: clynn66 at bigpond.net.au
Sent: Wednesday, September 23, 2020 10:21 AM
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Subject: 1964 Spyder powertrain install

I am putting the powertrain back in my 1964 Spyder and I have a situation I
wonder if others have experienced.
Using the Finch trolley I have lowered the car down onto the powertrain with
the cone tipped rear engine mount first then the 2 front transmission
I bought new transmission mounts to use but they were difficult to get at
even with Clarks tool so I have run with the old mounts which appear to be
Once I had all 3 castellated nuts on it was a piece of cake to then lift the
car and take the powertrain up off the trolley and remove the trolley.
I put new fabric sealing strips around the engine and the ones on the right
hand side are aligning very flush with the right side rail.
But the fabric strips on the left side are aligning about half an inch below
the left side rail as though the left side of engine needs to come up half
an inch.
I can trim the fabric strips and install the retainers but I wonder if my
situation is uncommon and I should be looking to get both sides of the
fabric seals aligned flush.
The engine would appear to be fully up on both of the transmission mounts
because the bolt threads come through the nuts the same amount and both
cotter pins can be put in quite easily height wise.
I didn?t put any washers under the 2 transmission castellated nuts but the
nut on engine mount at rear has the thickish washer under it as per books. 
My question is should I be looking to get both sides of fabric seals to
align flush or is the above situation something I can run with.
I would appreciate any comments from past experience of which I have none.
Colin LYNN? # 28299
Perth, Western Australia 


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