ERICH MEYER eamsquared at comcast.net
Thu Sep 24 13:22:01 EDT 2020

Had the same problem with my Corvair last year.  I am the original owner.  '66 Monza 110 PG 118,000 miles.  Tried lots of things to solve problem: new carb stone filters, new accelerator pumps, new coil, new plug wires, new points & plugs and some additional minor things.  I did not replace the fuel pump.  It is the original pump.  Nothing solved the sputtering problem when I downshifted by flooring the accelerator. Finally fixed the problem by disassembling the carbs again and replacing the gaskets between the venturi cluster and bowl.  It did not appear that the original gaskets were damaged but I replaced them anyhow out of frustration.  After that the sputtering was gone.

Richard, I don't know if this is your problem but I hope my experience helps you.  I use STA-BIL gas treatment in my Corvair.  During the long process of trying to fix my sputter, I decided to not put any additive in my gas thinking that this my be related to the sputter.  Don't know if it is a factor or not, but my sputter problem is definitely gone.

Erich Meyer

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