<VV> Sputtering

Grant Young gyoungwolf at earthlink.net
Thu Sep 24 17:01:43 EDT 2020

Remove your air cleaner system and with the engine off, look into the top of each carb as you operate the accelerator cross shaft to see if there are two fine streams of fuel going into each carb. If not, either your pump cups have hardened due to age or ethanol or the squirter holes have become plugged. New pump cups and hole cleaning should get you going again. I think fuel pumps start to spurt fuel out the hole in the top when the diaphragm goes. I don't think it would otherwise run normally if it was the pump or something else.
Stock pumps are hard to come by right now, so an electric might be in your future. 
The Carbmeister

>Everything was fine with my 66 Monza for a while until yesterday when on a short trip to town it started sputtering when I floored it (power glide transmission) . When I backed off the g as pedal it ran and idled OK.? I removed the fuel pump and it seemed ok.? I blew air into the fuel line and it bubbled into the gas tank.? I'm ready to order a new fuel pump, but I was told that because it is a diaphragm pump, it's either good or not good...nothing in between.? Is that true? Maybe it's just carburetor s?

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