<VV> Another Corvair Mystery

Vairzwa vairzwa at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 7 22:11:39 EDT 2021

Engine stalling at idle,  possible causes:

Dirty Air Filter, Running to rich

Idle mixture to lean due to:

   Low float level in carburetors

   Vacuum Leaks:

       Carburetor Bases & Spacers and ports

       Balance Tube Connections

       Automatic Transmission Modulator Valve and hose (if automatic transmission)

       Bad PCV Valve (If Equipped)

Check carburetor balance at idle

Make sure ignition timing is set at low idle, below the speed the mechanical advance starts.

with the vacuum advance disconnected and vacuum hose plugged.

Restricted Exhaust

If an automatic Transmission: Any strange noises from the torque converter? Vary rare

Damaged Torque Converter

REAL DIRTY transmission fluid

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