<VV> TWO NEW Significant Restorations to be unveiled at CORSA/CPF Mini-Convention

Matt patiomatt at aol.com
Mon Apr 26 19:15:35 EDT 2021

We have so many exciting things planned for this year's CORSA/CPF Mini-Convention "Corvair - The Next Generation" in Springfield Illinois, (May 17-23, 2021), hosted by the Prairie Capital Corvair Assn.

In addition to our CPF "Aviation Spectacular" event I've organized with Flycorvair.Net's William Wynne taking place on Friday (May 21st); I'm also pleased to announce there will be an unveiling of two special Corvairs at this year's convention that have an outer space connection:

Dr. William Hubbell graciously accepted my invitation to bring his 1964 Corvair Monza convertible (formerly owned by Astronaut John Glenn) to make its national unveiling debut to reveal its recent restoration. Dr. Hubbell has worked tirelessly to bring this car back to factory stock condition, and we're vairy excited to have it unveiled with a talk presentation at this year's convention.

I'm also excited to announce the appearance of the restored 1964 Corvair Spyder convertible, formerly owned by famed Astronomer and Astrophysicist, Carl Sagan. These two Corvairs will be on special display together, indoors at the host hotel during the convention.

The Carl Sagan Corvair (owned by Mark Dorogi) is a rarely seen car; but now others will be able to enjoy seeing these Corvairs making their national debut. You're in for an out of this world treat to learn the history about the former owners and restoration efforts made to these cars. You don't want to miss out on this!

History snippet: The personal plate on this Carl Sagan Corvair reads: "PHOBOS", which is the name of one of the moons around the planet Mars. It is Mark's way of honoring Mr. Sagan as he also had the same plate name on this Corvair when he owned it. Cool, huh?!

By: Eva "Corvair Lady" McGuire
Historian, Corvair Preservation Foundation

For more event details and to register for the Mini - Convention, go to corvair.org.

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