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FrankDuVal corvairduval at cox.net
Fri Jan 1 00:29:19 EST 2021

You have deduced correctly ( except a Spyder could have a three speed, 
but I have never seen one. I have seen three speed Corsas, though).

The 1960 to 1964 backup lamp switch for manual transmissions connects to 
the body harness inside the tunnel area. That is where the three speed 
switch is located, on the shift shaft, nothing to do with the stick 
through the floor. For the four speed, the switch is screwed into the 
bottom of the transmission near the shift selector shaft. A long cable 
goes from the switch to the connector inside the tunnel. The long cable 
is part of the backup lamp switch and not  removable from the switch as 
built (of course it can be removed and reattached, but usually involves 
soldering to terminals that does not go well). This is because the three 
and four speeds are very different transmissions. This is through 1965 
model year, BTW.

Starting in 1966, the three and four speed manual transmissions are very 
similar, internally and externally, and they both have the same backup 
lamp switch screwed into the side of the transmission, so there is no 
backup lamp switch connector inside the tunnel.

Join the two white wires going into the 4 speed switch (with another 
wire, jumper clip, etc.), do the backup lamps come on (ignition switch 
ON)? If so, the switch (or internal transmission issue) is bad. If the 
lights are not on, check the bulbs, grounds of sockets, the heater fuse, 
then the wires in the tunnel.

And, Happy New Year!

Frank DuVal

On 12/31/2020 11:56 PM, Colin via VirtualVairs wrote:
> I am curious about the backup switch arrangement for my 1964 Spyder, which
> is 4-speed of course.
> I have a switch hanging down from the transmission and with wiring going
> forward to a connector inside the tunnel under the gear stick.
> The factory manuals seem to indicate that the position under the gear stick
> was for the switch for the early model 3-speeds.
> I wondered if in my 4-speed case, the connector under the gear stick is just
> a link into the main harness and there is no switching action taking place
> under the gear stick.
> The reason for my connection at the gear stick may have been so they could
> keep the wiring between 3 and 4 speed systems similar.
> Would that be the case and I don't need to be concerned about anything in
> the gear stick area?
> Colin LYNN  # 28299
> Perth, Western Australia

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