<VV> How many bought their Corvairs new and still have them?

Robert K. Henry robertkhenry at bellsouth.net
Sun Jan 3 18:48:06 EST 2021

My father ordered a '65 Corvair and it arrived March 31, 1965. He wanted a
convertible, 4-speed, some other options, and the 180 hp turbocharged
engine. He repeatedly told the story how the dealer argued against ordering
the turbocharged engine, insisting that it was untested--or whatever. Or
maybe they just wanted to sell a car off the lot. 

Dad finally set the car aside for an '82 Honda Accord when the Corvair
needed a clutch job (breaking starter noses) and he needed a car immediately
to commute to work. After the clutch was repaired the car sat. I decided to
undertake restoring the car: repaint (filling dents), reupholster
(discovered Clark's), and finally rebuilt the engine. It was an interesting
education. When dad died, I ended up owning the car that had taken me to
school each day. It's in my garage. Yesterday it went for a little run with
the top down to warm up for an oil change (January 2nd, yes it was that
warm).  It needs a bit of work now on things that were working when I
restored it--a never-ending process. I have sometimes wondered if I should
sell it and hand the duty to someone else, but I just can't quite see doing

I found a bill of sale in the glove box when I was restoring it. The car was
invoiced for $3286.05. He traded in a '59 Sprite (bug-eye) for $710. I've
sometimes thought it would be nice to have that too. With 2 kids he needed a
car with a back seat. The turbocharged engine option was priced at $161.40.
There's a Chevrolet Owner Protection Plan booklet with a "Protect-O-Plate"
(an Addressograph plate, really) with his name inserted with Dymo embossed
label tape.

These cars deserve to be preserved. 

Robert Henry

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I'm the only one that I know about.

Paul Siano

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