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Not precisely on topic, but related-


This concept of owning a Corvair since new is a bit tough for us who were
born the same year as our Corvair.  It took me twenty years after getting my
driver's license to find, appreciate and afford a toy car and get the old
car bug.  It took another eight years of going to car shows marvelling at
peoples automotive gems before I found my defining vehicle -  it turned out
to be a Rampside.  Something about working for a living and bringing up kids
got in the way of toys.  I have had many other toy cars, and they have all
come and gone although I still have a '63 Lemans coupe and a '71 Triumph GT6
which play second and third trombone to my Rampside.


I do appreciate that there are people so focussed as to purchase and keep a
car for a long period of time.  I manage to keep most of my cars for ten to
fifteen years but then they get moved on for one reason or another.  I can
say that my Corvair is the first vehicle I have ever owned that I intend to
keep to the end.  


Eric Taylor


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