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John Weigel jwvair65 at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 18 21:10:21 EST 2021

I've used the piano wire method to remove glass, but have had problems sometimes. If you're still having trouble, here's an alternate method I've used many times. It takes about 20 minutes or so, and I've never broken a windshield or backlight, even when doing it alone. 
- Get a 2" or 3" FLEXIBLE blade putty knife and sharpen the edge the same way you would sharpen a wood chisel.
- From the outside of the car, use a razor knife and cut around the outline of the window, as if you were drawing an outline around it.
- From inside the car, with the putty knife flush against the window, push the sharpened blade radially outward towards the perimeter of the glass. You can rock the knife back and forth if needed to cut through the rubber. Go all the way around the window this way.
- Put a blanket or padding inside the car, get in on your back so you can place your feet on the inside of the window. Wear sneakers of soft shoes.
- Position your feet apart so you are pressing evenly on the left and right side of the window and slightly favoring the top.
- Apply firm, even and GENTLE pressure and wait, giving the window time to start releasing. Sometimes you need to back off and reapply pressure a few times, but you'll see (and hear) where the window is releasing and where it may still be bonded. If it's still stuck in spots, don't force it. Revisit those areas with the putty knife.
- As the window releases, let it "hinge" on the lower edge. It's helpful to have a second person for this part.
- It's important to distribute the force evenly and let the window release at its own pace - don't pry at an edge or try to push only one side out. 
Hopefully you're already done, but if not, try this and be patient and persistent.
John Weigel
Natick, MA

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