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I have not seen this mentioned before here, if it was, sorry.
In the November, 2020 issue of Drive magazine, (sorry, I’m slow, I just read it) there is an article about Tony Dow.  If you don’t recognize the name, I am sure that you will remember Wally, from Leave It To Beaver.
Tony (Wally) is still around and is and always has been, a car guy.  The article talks about Fireball Productions making an automotive autobiography coloring book about Tony Dow and his life.  The coloring book is available on Amazon.
I mention this because in the article, and on the cover of the coloring book is Tony’s 1961 Corvair Coupe.  He owned it a long time ago and it evidently came back to him after about 50 years. He loves the car, which is why it is on the cover of the coloring book.
Now, I know crayons and coloring books are old school, but you might want to look into one for the grandkids.  You gotta love Leave It To Beaver!
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