<VV> Steering Wheel "Clunk"

edward szuch egszuch at gmail.com
Wed Jun 2 20:44:17 EDT 2021

I have a 66 Corsa that needed the turn signal switch replaced due to
corrosion of the contacts.  I'm having trouble getting rid of a clunk that
is heard and felt when I turn from one direction to the other during a
parking type maneuver.  It seems to be coming from the top of the column
where the directional switch attaches to the directional housing.  Looking
at the shop manual, the upper bearing is in the switch so when steering
inputs are transferred into the bearing and housing, the housing shifts on
the outer mast jacket causing the clunk?
I've tried shifting the switch/bearing up and down in the housing in the
hole clearances to avoid an alignment bias without success.  I've tried
different torques on the switch fasteners to allow some slight shifting of
the assembly to avoid the clunk but nothing has worked.  I'm afraid to go
too low for obvious safety reasons.
Any ideas or experiences that might fix this would be appreciated.  The car
has relatively low miles, 67,000 and all other components seem to be in
good working order.  This only started after I changed the turn signal
Thanks very much!
Gary Szuch

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