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On 5/29/2021 12:15 PM, Grant via VirtualVairs wrote:
> What is the impact of having "smog heads" on an engine. I know they have smaller valves like a turbo head, so I am wondering for a customer what impact they are having on a 1965 95 HP engine versus non-smog ones?
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> Grant

Several days old post/reply?

It's this way:  The "smog heads" have the same chambers as the '65/'66 
turbo heads and they are useless imho.  Even the turbo engines with 
these chambers will respond considerably better with the later vintage 
95hp heads which have a good squish area and better ping/detonation 
resistance.  Smog and late turbo heads are, far as I'm concerned, best 
used for making lawn chairs and pie tins.   If you have a customer who 
has 95hp heads on his 164 engine, tell him to keep them and do NOT 
replace them with smog heads.

Just my opinion.


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