<VV> Corvair in August Hot Rod magazine.

James Rice ricebugg at comcast.net
Tue Jun 22 16:40:08 EDT 2021

The August issue of Hot Rod has a nice 2 page summary entitled "Endurance
Testing the 1962 Corvair Monza"  It is about Peterson Publications taking
two '62 Corvairs to Riverside International Raceway between Christmas and
New Years Day in 1962 for a 24 hour endro run.  One car was a Bill Thomas
prepared car, which DNF.  The other car was a mostly stock 62 Monza.  The
likes of Carroll Shelby and Dan Gurney were among the drivers.  


Car went 1,549.1 miles, getting 16.6 mpg with a average speed of 66.3mph
around the demanding course.  


The original complete event was covered in the March 1963 issues of Hot Rod
(3 pages), Sports Car Graphic (8 pages) and Motor Trend (5 pages).


The current HR issue is not worth the cover price for just the Corvair
coverage.  Better to get the back issue of the March 1963 Sports Car


Historically Yours,


                             James Rice                        

                             Pekin, Il. 


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