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Jim Frazin jf at shibboleth.com
Fri Jun 25 17:39:46 EDT 2021

> Randy- If you are thinking about a different cam on a 95, I can tell you
> for certain that there are some aftermarket cams out there that are a vast
> improvement in both drivability and power than the stock cams? I have a 63
> turbo daily driver and been running a custom grind that is ?approximately?
> a Otto TB-20, with some important differences. Without a doubt this is by
> far the funnest, coolest cam I have tried, with really good low end power
> and really long winded, meaning it just keeps winding? nice smooth idle
> nice smooth running and really wide power band, I don?t have to go into
> boost to have fun with it. Judging by how much timing it likes, and how
> insensitive it is to ping, I really wished I had bumped the compression
> ratio up but sheesh? huge improvement over the 2 stock cams that I?ve tried
> ( stock 63 turbo cam, 62-66 replacement turbo cam, and Otto TB-10 cam).
> I?ve got 22000 miles on it so far with this cam, and it has run 0W-40 Mobil
> 1 European formula the whole time.
> Kevin Nash
> 63 Turbo, EFI daily driver, baddest fan on the planet!!
> Kevin,

I would have emailed you directly, but your email (as far as I could tell)
was not in the thread. Who makes this wondrous whose virtues you are
extolling? What lifters and rockers are you using? Reply to the list as
others may want to know as well. Also, I would like to know more about your
fan. Maybe you can email that directly.


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