<VV> Starter keeps cranking

Doug Mackintosh dougmackintosh at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 28 18:18:13 EDT 2021

Update on the latest with my starter that won’t stop cranking. Today I removed the offending starter and replaced it with a used spare starter. The spare starter works normally (cranks when key turned to Start, stops cranking when key released). Tony had suggested a “long shot” possibility that there was sufficient starter snout bushing clearance to cause a mechanical hangup preventing the pinion from withdrawing when the key was released, so I checked the clearance on the starter removed from the car (0.003”) and the spare starter I installed today (0.005”). While checking the clearance on the removed starter I observed that the end of the shaft was recessed from the end of the snout by about 0.17”, rather than being approximately flush. I then saw that the pinion stop assembly was no longer in place in the groove in the shaft (the retainer and snap ring were gone, and the thrust collar was about 0.17” past the groove, resting against the snout thrust surface; it appeared the armature/shaft had moved toward the pulley end about 0.17”). I assume this condition is what caused the problem. I can see that this would change the geometry of the shift lever and associated moving parts, but it is not clear to me exactly how this would prevent the solenoid from disengaging when the key was released, particularly since it seemed to work OK when tested out of the car (not engaging the flywheel). If anyone has an explanation for exactly how this condition would cause the non-disengage behavior I would love to hear it.
In the meantime, I now have a normal working starter system.
Thanks to all for your ideas!

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