<VV> car sat to long with gas

Randy (Cap'n) Hook judynrandy at comcast.net
Sat Mar 6 17:30:09 EST 2021

My 2 cents worth:
1.  To remove the tank on a late model you must first remove the sway bar.  A good time to check all associated bushings.
2.  Then, drain all the old gas out and remove the sending unit and associated hoses and wires.  A good time to inspect them all.
3.   Then, remove the tank.  A good time to clean the mounting j bolts on a wire wheel.  Once loose, I wiggle and jiggle the tank low enough to cut the rubber hoses holding the filler tube to the tank.  Then push the filler tube up into the hole as much as possible to give as much room as possible.  Without the filler tube attached, the tank should wiggle right out.
4.  Since ethanol destroys anything rubber, now is good time to replace all the rubber hoses.  Clark's sells the ones for the tank/filler tube.  Now is a good time to install an in-line fuel filter at the rear junction to the engine.
5.   When re-installing the tank, here is how I do it:  CAREFULLY remove the filler tube rubber grommet from the fender hole.  You'll need the extra clearance later.  Put a little dab of grease on the filler tube vent nipple and gas tank vent nipple.  Then install that hose.  Next, put a little dab of grease  on the filler tube and tank nipples.  Install the big hose on the filler tube.  Then test fit the other end of the hose on the tank nipple to ensure a smooth fit.  Then, since there is "no room at the Inn",  orient the bottom clamp so you can access it with the tank installed in place.  I use a long extension or two and a universal swivel.  When you install the tank, put a rope on the filler tube end.  Have a friend help to guide it up into it's hole while you wiggle and jiggle the tank up into place.  Then, loosely attach the mounting strap to hold it into place.  Then tighten the correctly oriented lower clamp.  Lastly, tighten the tank mounting bolts and re-install the sender
 , grommet, wires and hoses.
Hope this helps.
Randy (Cap'n) Hook
'69 Monza coupe  110/pg
'65 500 coupe 95/ (soon to be) 4spd

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