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Bryan Blackwell bryan at skiblack.com
Thu Dec 15 05:00:01 EST 2022

This is the regular posting of the guidelines for using VirtualVairs.
If you have comments on this list, please mailto:vairorg at corvair.org

To see the complete VV FAQ, surf over to: http://www.vv.corvair.org/faq.htm

In general:

 - No profanity.
 - No flame wars.  If you have something rude to send, keep it off
        the list.  This includes "I can be rude because you were."
 - This is a Corvair list, try to keep posts to Corvairs, or at least
        about cars or air cooled engine technology, especially:
        - No politics, unless they have *explicit* Corvair or automotive
        - Likewise, no religion.
 - Indicate actual name and city/state (and country if applicable), and
   year/model/trans/motor of your 'Vair, this may help clarify your inquiry or
 - If you've asked a technical question, please let us know what the
   solution turned out to be.
 - Limit signature files to six lines or less.
 - Try to make the Subject line fit the post, especially for replies
        to Digests.
 - When responding to posts, edit out irrelevant material.
 - Conversely, include enough so your answer makes sense.
 - When replying to a Digest, please trim to just the post you're replying to.
 - Sign messages with your real name.
 - You can  post pictures or other attachments to the list, just attach as
        usual and the server will store the attachment and put a URL at the
        bottom of the message.
 - Please keep your photos under 512KB.  If you have many photos, please put
	them on a web server and post the URL.
 - ALL emails larger than 8K will be delayed for approval.  If your message is
   of a timely nature, do NOT attach anything and use Plain Text.
 - Avoid "me too" posts.
 - No urban myths or virus hoaxes, please.  If you haven't personally
        verified it, assume it's a myth or a hoax.
 - Use all caps ONLY for EMPHASIS.
 - There are several special interest lists as well:
        - Fastvair, for Corvair high-performance matters,
        - Stock Corvair Group, for all things as they came from Chevy,
        - UltraVan, the Corvair powered motorhome,
        - Corvanatics, far all FC Corvairs (trucks),
        - The Chapters list, for Chapter discussion, plus event announcements,
        - V8Vairs, concerning V8 conversions,
                mailto:v8vairs-help at corvair.org for more info
        - Corvair Lakewood/Monza station wagons
        - VV-Talk, for general non-Corvair conversation,
 - If you must post something non-Corvair, please:
        - Keep it brief and limit number of posts.
        - Label jokes as "humor".
        - Said jokes should be suitable for my 9 year old.
        - Label non-Corvair messages as "no Corvair".
        - Better yet, use the vv-talk list, to subscribe, go to:
 - Please turn off "Return Receipt" for mail you post to the list.
 - Finally, only post messages that are of interest to a large portion
        of the list. If your message is generally only meant for a few
        individuals, please send it only to them.

Posting info:

 - The list address is: virtualvairs at corvair.org
 - To unsubscribe, go to
 - If you need help with VV, mailto:vv-help at corvair.org and someone
        will try to help you.
 - If you have a complaint about a member's post and you can't work it
        out with them directly, mailto:vairorg at corvair.org - DO NOT take
        it up with them on the list.

 - You can search the archived posts of all the corvair.org public lists
        with a little help from Google, just go to the main Google page
        and put something like:
        electric fan site:www.vv.corvair.org


 - Ads that are Corvair related and preferably on-topic are acceptable.
 - Please put "For Sale", "FS", "AD" or comparable in the Subject line.
 - Vendor ads are acceptable, as long as they are not too frequent (once
     a month or so for unsolicited ads) and adhere to the above
     guidelines.  Vendor ads that explicitly address the topic at hand,
     preferably with some applicable information, are good.
        - We encourage vendors to post once a month to help
          our members find out about you.  Be sure to include your
          company info.
        - No vendor bashing.  If you have a great product, say why yours
          is great.  Personal attacks are expressly forbidden.
 - Include both the City and State and a phone number with good times to
        call if you will accept phone calls, especially for cars.
 - For events, include the above, plus Month, Day, and Time, and

Handy URLs for Hoaxes & Virii:


URLs for info for new e-mail/internet users:

	http://www.sharpened.net/glossary/acronyms.php  Chat Acronyms.
        http://www.AcronymFinder.com/  The Acronym Finder.
        http://www.phish.net/PhishFAQ/nabbrev.html  More Acronyms and Abbreviations.

IMPORTANT: Flagrant disregard for the above may result in moderation or
           suspension of membership without any further warning.

        *-*-*- Last updated: 14 September 2011 -*-*-*

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