<VV> First Time Post--Dual CHT Gauge for 65 Corsa

Daniel Atkinson jazzworkerbee at gmail.com
Sun Jan 23 17:13:53 EST 2022


After two years of work, my 65 turbo Corsa is almost ready for the road.
However, I have hit a bit of a snag.

I am attempting to convert my gauge cluster to house two cylinder head
temperature gauges. I installed a thermistor where the cylinder head snap
which was on the passenger side and was told to use the wire for the buzzer
under the dash instead of laying another wire. In doing so, I was advised
on the forum to cut the Green and White wire, opposite the power line just
before the male connector on the chassis loom as it exits the tunnel.
However, I believe that may have been a mistake, because the second gauge
fails to activate when I turn the car on. To be sure, I switched the wires
and the same thing happened and I tested the gauge with the wiring that is
known to be functioning. Same result...

Do you know of anyone who can help me with this issue? I have been trying
to solve this for a few months now and I'm in need of advice.

Thank you,

Daniel Atkinson

Daniel E. Atkinson, PhD
-Ethnomusicologist...  Among other things.

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