<VV> 140 idle speed

David Heath dheath at vanceandhines.com
Sat Jan 29 18:21:38 EST 2022

Looking for some thoughts on idle speed for a '65 140.
Background: Working to get this back on the road and running well.  When I
bought the engine, it did not come with a carburetor linkage.  I installed
the Clarks carburetor rotator kit with a progressive linkage.  I have 4
primary carbs installed.
I have the engine running pretty well but the idle speed is high (1000 -
1200) when warm.  All of the throttle plates are fully closed.
I have checked for vacuum leaks but did not find any.
The carburetors have new shafts installed.

1) Is this idle speed what you would expect with 4 primary carburetors?
and therefore the only way to get the idle lower (like 600-700) would be to
change out two of the carburetors for two secondaries?
2) Can I install throttle plates from secondaries into two of the
3) I have the balance tube installed.  I have not checked to see if
plugging the hole leading to the crankcase vent would make a noticeable
difference in idle speed.  Thoughts?
4) Any other ideas?

David Heath
Cypress, CA
'65 Coupe 140/4


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