[V8Vairs] Front Wheel Size Capability...

v8vairs@corvair.org v8vairs@corvair.org
Mon, 26 Apr 2004 07:21:19 -0600

Hello All...

I seem to remember someone on this forum indicating that the late-model
front wheel well will accommodate 17" wheels up to 7" wide.  I plan on
using a roughly 24" diameter tire with about 9" of section.  As I remember,
the respondent indicated that this would work as long as a 4-1/2" backspace
was utilized.  Since I don't have the front end assembled, but would like
to get the wheels on order, I'm forced to rely upon the kindness of
strangers for advice.

Anyone have direct experience with this?  I'm using the stock spindle and
hub, but with a disc brake conversion, which should  not materially alter
the conditions.  Advice?

Doug Evans
Penrose, Colorado
'67 Coupe with 500 Cad