[V8Vairs] Front Wheel Size Capability...

Frank F Parker v8vairs@corvair.org
Tue, 27 Apr 2004 18:52:47 -0400 (EDT)

> I seem to remember someone on this forum indicating that the late-model
> front wheel well will accommodate 17" wheels up to 7" wide.  I plan on
> using a roughly 24" diameter tire with about 9" of section.  As I remember,
> the respondent indicated that this would work as long as a 4-1/2" backspace
> was utilized.  Since I don't have the front end assembled, but would like
> to get the wheels on order, I'm forced to rely upon the kindness of
> strangers for advice.
I am using a 3 piece custom wheel that is 18" dia by 6.875 width. 18 inch
will fit with the correct back space and a little cutting of the lower
front lip. Back space is at 4.500 inches. Am using a 225/4o-ZR18 tire
with a section width of 8.9 inches. Checked clearance thruout wheel travel
and had to trim the lower front fender a touch.
If you wish to see a picture of the fender cut, visit my dotphoto album
	www.dotphoto.com    login as: fparker   use :  nsvair as password

On the 1st page of the nsvair album is a shot of the fender trim used


frank parker