[V8Vairs] Front Wheel Size Capability...

v8vairs@corvair.org v8vairs@corvair.org
Mon, 26 Apr 2004 23:40:36 EDT


You are welcome to come look at my car and make some measurements on my car.  
I have the front spindles with rotors on;  I have some 205-60x15's mounted on 
15x7 early ralley wheels (I also have some 235-60x15's also mounted on 15x7 
early ralley wheels).  We can put both on the car and take it off the jack 
stands, and you can check clearances and backspacing.   I do not have the 
engine/drive train in the car, so it won't sit down as far, but you should be able to 
get a good idea.

I live in Lakewood.  If you would like to come by on a weekend or evening, 
give me a call at (303) 233-7020 a few days before to set it up.  In about 2 or 
3 weeks I will be taking the front end apart to put in new ball joints and 

Gary Hoffman