[V8Vairs] Audi Transmissions

Don Stephens don.losthorseranch at direcway.com
Thu Nov 3 19:44:09 EST 2005


I too have a '65 Coupe with a Kelmark conversion, and have been looking 
at the Audi. The thought of keeping the trans axle alive has been 
bugging me, as has the sloppy shifting. I would look forward to more 
conversation in this area

I gotta say, after looking at your web site, you did a great job on your 
car. Any plans to update your site?


Ryan Counterman wrote:

>I would like to rekindle this conversation, because I can't seem to remember what the consensus of the last one about the Audi Quattro Trannys was.  I just trashed my 2nd rebuilt Saginaw, (I got 5000 miles out of this one, only 1000 out of the first one) so I am thinking its time for something better.  Its gotta be a 5 speed...No ifs ands or buts on that one.  So lets talk!
>Ryan Counterman,  Board Member, WMCC
>VairKing at hotmail.com
>'65 Corsa Coupe V8 Kelmark; '65 Monza Convert 110/4sp
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