[V8Vairs] Audi Transmissions

Don Stephens don.losthorseranch at direcway.com
Sun Nov 6 12:34:13 EST 2005


There are many questions I have with this transaxle, how to support the 
lower control arms that use to mount on the transaxle, how to make it 
shift better than our Kelmark conversions,and more;  but it would be 
great to make it work...


Ryan Counterman wrote:

> The first Saginaw I broke the mainshaft, right where 4th gear is.  
> Broke the end of the shaft clean off.  Tranny made all kinds of noise 
> in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, so suspected failed bearings but pulled it apart 
> to find that.  I dont know what has failed on the second one (rebuilt 
> the day before I left for IOWA)  but it started making noise in 1st 
> 2nd and 3rd again...It was also shifting harder than usual.  Ive been 
> dreaming 5 speed for a while, so it might be time to put the dreams 
> down to paper and do something about it!  My website may be down for a 
> while, as I am working on building a server at the moment, but I will 
> try to get it updated when I can!  Thanks for all the input and keep 
> the discussion rolling! _______________________________________________
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