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Geoffrey A Johnson geoffj at unm.edu
Fri Nov 18 20:09:23 EST 2005

I have been having fun doing a lot of work on my Torovair.  I put in a new 
carpet and refinished the dashboard.  Most add a Corsa dash to a Monza, 
mine is the other way (started life as a Corsa).  I think it looks cool 
with the Sun tach, and stock 
gauges in a corsa dash would not do much good with that engine.  So I 
added a 68-69 dash panel.  It has the other aftermarket gauges below the 
radio for oil pressure, oil temp, and water temp.

To install the carpet, I cut and fit a toe panel that was 
missing, so the carpet has proper shape.  Hoses for heater interfere with 
the stock one.
This is what it looks like:

 	Also added new speakers to the existing speaker boxes to try to keep up 
with the engine sound.
I cut out the house insulation spray foam it had and put in brown bread 
insulation on part of the engine cover, as time allows, I will add more. 
It helped the 
interior sound level quite a bit.

 	 Trying to track down a shimmy of indeterminate origin, I 
discovered 6 pinholes in the gas tank.
Minor weeps untill I touched them and then turned into major drips, which 
turned into torrents.  So 
rather then screw around, a whole new tank kit is on the way.

Thanks again to everyone who answered my questions on the carburetor.  It 
is doing well, getting 13mpg right now.  Still a bit rich.  I am going to 
play around with  the timing advance etc...

I replaced the fan clutch which had been "locked" by someone in the past. 
Need to set the fan spacing correctly as it is a little far form the 
radiator.   The car does not have cooling problems though.

I also reconnected the stator wire for the switch pitch in the 
transmission.  The car launches a lot faster with it

I added some pictures of it to my website.  Including an in-situ tranny 


-Geoff Johnson
66 Toro-Vair

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