[V8Vairs] slave cylinder

barrystanley at nf.sympatico.ca barrystanley at nf.sympatico.ca
Mon Nov 28 20:08:42 EST 2005

My brother has a 1966 Corvair Corsa and has the Kelmark conversion for a
mid engine set up, using a 350 small block V8.  The transaxle is the
original Saginaw 4 speed and he is having trouble with the clutch
linkage.  He purchased the car disassembled and all the parts and the
conversion kit in boxes.  The kit supplied a Delco slave cylinder with a
casting number 5465344 stamped on it.  Can you recommend a replacement
or suitable alternative?  Or, do you know of someone who has had this
problem and is willing to share their solution, we are in St. John's
Nfld. (East coast of Canda) And there is not a lot of Corvairs around
(gross understatement) and this will be the first V8 conversion that we
are aware of on the island.  Any help would be appreciated.
Barry Stanley

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