[V8Vairs] Are There Any Engine swap Corvairs Running in Street Mod?

Thomas Robert R Civ 76 PMXG/MXPWPF Robert.Thomas at tinker.af.mil
Thu Aug 17 07:17:50 EDT 2006

I thought I read of a V-8 car in street mod but I can't remember. I can see
how one would be legal if the engine was set back enough so the rear
bulkhead wouldn't have to be modified, like a Toronado-type installation. 

If I read the rules correctly, the seats can't be changed under SM rules. I
don't see any allowance to run different wheels, either. 
Do you suppose the rule that says "drivetrain and related components are
unrestricted, except..." includes the transaxle? I guess cutting a hole in
the front for a radiator would be right out, too.

Bob Thomas
68 Monza
(trying to decide which engine to use, V-8, V-6 or H-6)

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