[V8Vairs] Are There Any Engine swap Corvairs Running in Street Mod?

Bryan Blackwell bryan at skiblack.com
Thu Aug 17 09:15:47 EDT 2006

No, you aren't reading the rules correctly :-)

*Any* engine is legal, but there must be a finished firewall.  It 
doesn't say it has to be in the stock location, and yes, any transaxle 
is legal.

Seats can be changed under IS rules, and you get *all* of the IS mods, 
which allow for any upholstered, hinged back replacement.  Rear seat 
removal is legal.

Rule 8.3.10 states "Any diameter and width rim may be used with any DOT 
approved tires. Fender flaring is allowed, but fender edge bodywork 
must be finished."

Rule 8.3.12 statues "V-6 and V-8 engined, Corvair-bodied cars that are 
registered and licensed for street use may run this class, provided 
they meet all specifications not related to engine type or location. 
Limited to one four barrel carburetor. There must be an adequate 
firewall between the engine and the cockpit."

That would cover cutting hole in the front.

Basically, if the car has a complete interior and is street legal, then 
it is legal for SM.  Most of the street Corv8 and Corv6s I have seen 
would be legal for the class.  The one change that the V8 guys need to 
ask for is an allowance for fuel injection.  Something comparable to 
the single four barrel limit should be in there, like "only one 
throttle body allowed."


On Aug 17, 2006, at 7:17 AM, Thomas Robert R Civ 76 PMXG/MXPWPF wrote:

> I thought I read of a V-8 car in street mod but I can't remember. I 
> can see
> how one would be legal if the engine was set back enough so the rear
> bulkhead wouldn't have to be modified, like a Toronado-type 
> installation.
> If I read the rules correctly, the seats can't be changed under SM 
> rules. I
> don't see any allowance to run different wheels, either.
> Do you suppose the rule that says "drivetrain and related components 
> are
> unrestricted, except..." includes the transaxle? I guess cutting a 
> hole in
> the front for a radiator would be right out, too.
> Bob Thomas
> 68 Monza
> (trying to decide which engine to use, V-8, V-6 or H-6)

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