[V8Vairs] Are There Any Engine swap Corvairs Running in Street Mod?

Marty Scarr martyscarr at gmail.com
Wed Aug 23 12:16:57 EDT 2006

On 8/17/06, Thomas Robert wrote:
> I thought I read of a V-8 car in street mod but I can't remember. I can see
> how one would be legal if the engine was set back enough so the rear
> bulkhead wouldn't have to be modified, like a Toronado-type installation.

Yes, that would work.  Street Mod does not allow alteration of the firewall.

>  If I read the rules correctly, the seats can't be changed under SM rules. I
> don't see any allowance to run different wheels, either.

All modifications allowed in Stock, Street Prepared and Street Touring
are allowed in Street Modified, so yes, you can change your seats and
run any size wheel.

> Do you suppose the rule that says "drivetrain and related components are
> unrestricted, except..." includes the transaxle? I guess cutting a hole in
> the front for a radiator would be right out, too.

Yes, it would include the transaxle.  You need to keep your components
from the same manufacturing company (keep your car all GM), so the
Toro transaxle will work.

You can cut a hole in the front fascia; it's permitted by the Street
Mod rules:  "Hoods (engine covers), front fenders, front & rear
fascias, and side skirts may be modifed or replaced...."

You will have to meet the minimum weight requirement in Street Mod for
your vehicle.  Your 3.8, naturally aspirated pushrod engine in rear or
mid-engine configuration needs to weigh a minimum of 2400 pounds.

You can download the rule book for free at


Sounds like fun!
Marty Scarr

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