[V8Vairs] Porsche Transaxle

Jim Acker jim.acker at comcast.net
Sat Dec 9 12:00:05 EST 2006

Don't buy the all wheel drive model.  Internal modifications are required to
make it work as a two wheel drive system.  You ahould take the time to do
the research.  None of the trannies from porsche prior to the G50 series
really work, with the exception of the 930.  The 915 can be made to work,
but the first gear is part of the main shaft and all the ratios available
are too low for practical use with a V8.   Most folks who use them just skip
1st and you are back to the 4 speed the 930 already offers.
That said, the 930 was used extensively for racing and they are frequently
hammered.  You need to pay the money to ensure you get a good one from a
reputable shop.  The G50, like the 930, is perfect for V8 use.  It came in
lots of different models and there are important differences.  I would start
by reading this from the Renegade Hybrids site.
Here are the links to Renegade and Patrick.
Renegade and Patrick Motorsports can set you up, but you pay a premiuim for
them to help you avoid mistakes.  It might be worth itto you.  In the end,
you will spend a minimum of $5K for a G50 or 930 set-up.  In my case, I used
a Porsche specialist in Colorado named Powerhaus II.  The owner is Roger
Brown and he is both an expert and a really nice guy.  He was extreely
helpful to me and provided a beautiful box at a fair price.
I did a lot of research on this stuff and I can tell you about the Audi
options, the Mendeola options an loads of others.  It basically boils down
to what your budget is and what your most important criteria is.  Mine was
$5K and 400 ft lbs of torque.  For me, the 930 made the best sense.

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