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Was looking at this configuration a while back when I was entertaining  a scratch built car, but was unable to obtain the dimensions for the drivetrain. I've since bought a Crown conversion and am enjoying re-engineering it.

George Jones

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 In a message dated 12/11/2006 8:09:32 AM Pacific Standard Time,  douglas.t.brown at navy.mil writes:Thanks  for the info, Jim.  What I'm looking for is 400 lb ft of  torque,cruising at 70 and under $3K.  I know what you mean about  Renegadecosting a lot - they cater to Porsche owners after all.  What  about Audiand Mendeola?TobyHas anybody looked at the option of using the C5/C6 Corvette transaxle with  the front modified to mount the bellhousing directly to it. Aside from the  problem of the transmission sitting completely between the engine and the  differential - pushing the engine forward - could this work in the Vair - Maybe  with a V6 motor?  - Seth Emerson_______________________________________________V8Vairs mailing listV8Vairs at corvair.orghttp://www.vv.corvair.org/mailman/listinfo/v8vairsThis list sponsored by the Corvair Society of America, http://www.corvair.org/

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