[V8Vairs] re-working diffs to new transaxle

tom zimmermann s10birdman1966 at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 12 11:26:43 EST 2006

Seth,the cost and availability of the C5/6 diff would be an issue for most...a while back I discussed using a Winters quick change with Craig off line,and may still have the pic of the parts laid out...my idea is to use the center section (aluminum),flipped upside-down,adapting the yoke-end to the bellhousing,running a long clutch input shaft thru the hole for the 'lower shaft' to any transmission,adapted to the QC gear end,like the ZF and UN-1,etc...you'd lose the QC gears and be 'stuck' with the available R/P set,,3:78,4:57 or 5:13 on their 7" unit,for example,,but a new center section,loaded,is around $ 1k-1500 (i think,complete built rears are $2500-3000 )... pick your favorite tranny,like a FWD unit from the Big 3 and you'd have something beefy,reasonably priced,that you can still get parts for...btw,the 7" is good for 300+hp,and the 10"--3:08 will handle upwards of 600hp...both of those are 'different' from most others in that they lack the 3rd bearing on the pinion
 nose,and could likely have the ring gear flipped to drive 'forward'...Winters also offers reverse-cut R/P gears and an IRS with inboard discs for the 10",too...if they cast their own aluminum housings,they *may* be able to add plates to adapt to,and side bell mounts for upper-lower arms prior to heat treating and machining...Tom Z..//

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