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George Jones bubblehd at excite.com
Tue Dec 12 12:59:02 EST 2006

 --- On Tue 12/12, Mike Mann < vair65 at mail.sisna.com > wrote:

george-have you looked at fiero seats? thinner than most but comfortable. is the electric water pump setup usable in this case? mike mann 


I've looked at electric WP's (as well as remote mount electric), and as tempted as I am to give it a try, I'm a bit reluctant. The best flow rate I've seen out of an electric WP is about 55 GPM, and the factory WP has a flow rate of about 95-110GPM. Not sure what this would do to the operating temp. which runs currently at about 220 in around town driving (with a 160 degree thermostat). I'm comfortable with this temp., but I wouldn't want it to go much higher.

Any thoughts?

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