[V8Vairs] Porsche Transaxle

Jim Acker jim.acker at comcast.net
Fri Dec 15 02:01:55 EST 2006

The Mendeola is a good box, but it is not able to handle as much torque as
the Porsche 930 and it will cost more.  They have several boxes above the
MD2D that can handle the job, but they cost nearly $10,000. For $3,000.00,
you are limited to the Audi set-up.  Here are some links.
If you go this route, you can use the US import 016 and then strenthen it
with a special plate.  I  have a diagram of the plate,  which I can send to
your email (file too large for this board).  If you go the O1E route, you
will blow your $3,000 budget.
Another option is the Renault UN1.  This came in several Chrysler imports.
It is Magnesium and can handle the torque.  The weakness is in the taper of
the mainshaft and a gent named Derek Bell in the UK has a kit to fix that.
Again, the tranny is cheap, but the kit will take you over your budget.
By the way, that Corvette set-up looks awesome.  It is like Arch Evans
SuperVair though and pushes the motor quite a way forward.
Jim Acker

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