[V8Vairs] Re: V8Vairs Digest, Vol 22, Issue 8

RT Coffin trisgar at surry.net
Fri Dec 15 06:47:24 EST 2006

Hi George,
I have seen a significant difference between a aluminum Griffin long tube 
two row and a conventional 4 core radiator in heat rejection/ transfer 
This assumes , of course, that  your coolant flow is correct in flow rate.I 
had a case where the standard type thermostat wasn't able to open enough to 
provide adequate flow. It  was cured by one of the high flow rate ones.
You can test whether you have enough flow and heat rejection capability by 
installing a restrictor plate, with a 9/16" or 5/8" diameter hole,  in place 
of the thermostat and see if you get the temp rise you do now.Of course it 
may take longer to get there but will tell you what you need to know.
If the temp still gets to 220, then you need flow, heat rejection or airflow 
improvements. I would suggest you make sure that the air has enought opening 
area to get out, and that it is exausted thru the bottom of the "trunk" and 
at the front of the front fender wheel well.
Holes on top of the wheel well are subject to the tire pumping air back into 
the trunk area and partially blocking the airflow thru the radiator art road 
Hope this helps,
Bob C 

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