[V8Vairs] Possible 5 speed Transaxles

Frank Esser fesser at napanet.net
Thu Dec 21 11:40:42 EST 2006

> My next gen Crown will be a Vortec v6 with   2004R  4x4  trans mated to 
> the
> Vair diff.....it has the short tail / output shaft?
> Matt

Don't know how it will work in the vair but it can be a great tranny.  The 
one in my Chevelle was built by Art Carr.  Shifts great and can handle a 
bunch of horsepower when built with the right parts.  The first gear was 
lower than the turbo 350 and the overdrive is sweet.  If you find it is a 
practical swap I'd like to know the details.

Frank E.
Napa, CA 

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