[V8Vairs] RE: cooling hot v8's deja vu

Ken Campbell deltainc at grm.net
Fri Dec 15 14:31:48 EST 2006

Here is some trivia relative to v8vair cooling:

On one of my v8s that has pretty good shrouding, but still likes to run in
the low 200s F.; I was running a multi-bladed fan ( sorry forget brand, but
from summit ) and it was getting grungy, so thought I would replace it ...
before doing so I broke off a couple blades and trimmed so it was balanced
... geepers the temps dropped about 10 degrees !!!!!!!  Apparently it was "
spoiling " in it's own airflow ...

Also, Red Line Water Wetter is good for 5 or 10 degrees.  This is a little
complicated;; if you use pure water and WW, it will also boil at lower temps
... not good !!  If using water, also use a high pressure radiator cap to
raise boiling point.  Use anti-freeze in winter (g) ....

Also, any air flow over the engine itself will do wonders ... If moving down
the hiway, I can open the foot panels and crack the engine bay cover and the
water temps will drop quite a bit .... god help you if you slow down, of
course, because your neck will blister (g) .....  I've always thought about
gluing on an Abarth duct, or NASA duct(s)  but then you lose some " Stealth"
value ...

Also useful for a short term test is to just remove the thermostat ...
might be very interesting ... not good for long term, almost all wear occurs
when engine is " cold" ....

Just some trivia, ken campbell, iouway

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