[V8Vairs] V8 on ebay

Rick Norris ricknorris at suddenlink.net
Sun Dec 31 14:54:22 EST 2006

This seems to be a common mistake with V8 Vairs. Guys spend a lot of money 
on the engine and not enough on the really important things like cooling. 
The execution looks very crude but this is exactly what Crown had in mind 
when the kit was offered. It was intended to be down and dirty.
Most V8 Vairs I've seen look like this. It is due to a lack of understanding 
and probably skill too.
Also it takes patience which a lot of folks lack.
I wonder what the holes in the rear quarters behind the doors was for.

Rick Norris

> GnKHOFFMAN at aol.com writes:
>> and certainly a lot of $ was spent  on the engine.
>> ============================================
> So they say!    Looking at the rest of the car......I'd want a teardown /
> inspection
> Matt

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