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> This seems to be a common mistake with V8 Vairs. Guys spend a lot of money 
> on the engine and not enough on the really important things like cooling. 
> The execution looks very crude but this is exactly what Crown had in mind 
> when the kit was offered. It was intended to be down and dirty.
> Most V8 Vairs I've seen look like this. It is due to a lack of understanding 
> and probably skill too.
> Also it takes patience which a lot of folks lack.

Rick, if you'd been into Crowns in the 70's........you'd  have seen way more 
"down and Dirty" than  show queens.

The kit came with instructions...everyone followed them.....4-6 guys working 
together got the car converted in a week or 2...

And no one had cooling problems.....just breakage...as today.......but 
everyone drove them HARD.....and parts were cheap...and the same 4 guys that helped 
you build it ...helped fix it...  life was good!

My 1st v8 was an Crown with a Vette diff....and a  super short 3 speed truck 
trans....2.91 R & P.....471 GMC pump on a short stroke 301 [ bored .125 283]

Never broke....but was mainly for top speed running...

Had you seen Ted's own car and the "test mule"  you'd feel like you shamed 
him!! ggg


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