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Rick Norris ricknorris at suddenlink.net
Sun Dec 31 21:40:53 EST 2006

In 1997 at the Lake Placid Convention Ted showed up with a Crown conversion. 
He said it was not his original mule but, it had most of the original parts 
from his mule. He retired back to Vermont where he was originally from. He 
drove the car to the Convention, autocrossed it and drove home. I have 
photos of the car and yes Matt, it was crude just like the original kits 
were. Mine was a crudely built car when I got it. It was done in the late 
sixties by some guys that used what they had with what knowledge they had. 
When I first read the instruction manual I remember reading how they told 
you to install the engine. It was get several good buddies with strong backs 
together with some chain and several sheets of plywood. In short, you man 
handled it in place. Homie don't play dat! Maybe when I was younger but I 
use a lift among other things.
The whole idea behind it was to be cheap, dirty and quick. It was!


> And speaking of ted's car... The only "factory built" Crown car (built for
> ted's wife, I understand) is here in North Idaho.  It's owned by Brian
> Shaneman and... it's for sale!  He want's $25k for it.  If you have an 
> interest,
> email mail me and I'll send you his phone number.  It's a real  nice, 
> black 65
> Corsa.
> Craig Nicol
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