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Rick & Janet Norris rickjanet at charter.net
Fri Jun 23 18:04:06 EDT 2006

Owning a Corvair is quirky enough but a V8 Vair is in a whole other league!

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> Matt,
> Thanks for the link. This gives me a little more insight into the 
> engineering behind this car. To answer your questions, yes, I have driven 
> one other V8 Corvair and it was a Kelmark conversion. Like the Kelmark, 
> this one is a brute to drive.
> I had a little difficulty with the shifter (short throw), it feels a 
> little clunky (!?!). The power rack & pinion really needs the power 
> steering pump, or the steering wheel needs to be a little larger. In 
> motion, it's not bad, but slow speed turns are a real B!?tch. I've got to 
> do something about the water pump (probably remote electric) to gain a 
> little leg room. The water pump pulley will contact the seat back if you 
> hit the breaks hard. There seems to be some binding in the 
> suspension/drivetrain somewhere when accelerating hard. All in all, the 
> car definately needs a little sorting out. There will need to be some 
> electrical work done.
> I haven't taken physical possession of the car yet (probably next week), 
> so I can't confidently speak to the handling under acceleration yet. I 
> didn't notice anything quirky while on the test drive (other than the 
> whole car, that is!)
> George Jones
> '65 Monza V8
> '66 Corvair Custom

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