[V8Vairs] Steath cooling systems...

Frank F Parker fparker at umich.edu
Sat Jan 13 21:23:36 EST 2007

> I've just purchased a 215 setup with a Kennedy adapter and I have a couple
> of questions that have probably been answered a million times but...   What's
> the consensus on a stealth radiator?  Flat in the front with inlets  below the
> bumper?  Anyone had any success with a rear radiator in the  quarter or air
> intake plenum?  Second question:  What's the best way  to end up with a heater?
> I'm thinking of a Vintage-air unit with heat/cool  or a factory air set-up
> with whatever "regular" solution most folks use.
> Thoughts?
> Thanks in advance,
> Craig Nicol

I think either will work but you will have a MUCH easier time purging the 
air and have a cleaner system if you put it in the rear. The main problem
other than space may be the added rear weight. I have seen some front 
systems where the tubes were run thru rockers giving a much cleaner setup
than the typical Crown or under car like I did on NS.

I used Vintage Air setup on NS and it works well.


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