[V8Vairs] It's alive!!

Jim Briggs jim_a_b3 at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 17 22:43:47 EST 2007

Finally after 2+ years on jack stands, my 267 rear engine aluminum Olds 1966 
Corvair Corsa has come to life. Yesterday evening with the help of 2 friends 
and after an extensive pre-ignition check list and pre-lubing...it fired up 
immediately.  Man did it sound sweet, even with the temporary exhaust I 
fabbed up just to keep the neighborhood off my case. It got hot (215 
degrees) quickly which we attributed to air in the cooling system that 
hindered the thermostat opening. After a short cool down and clamping the 
heater lines to force more flow thru the radiator and adding more coolant it 
again fired quickly.  This time the thermostat did open and the radiator 
fans came on and it held temp at 200 for the duration of the cam break in 
period. We pulled the oil filter and drained the oil (10W30) all looked 
clean.  We refilled with 10W40.

Now on the list.
-Fix the leaking electric fuel pump that cracked at the fitting when 
installed but did not show up til gas was in the tank for over an hour.
-Work on the leaks around the oil pan....this area was giving me fits even 
with only assembly oil in the engine...but I thought I had that fixed til  
it ran a while.
-Get the accusump plumbed...which I thought it was untill we got no oil 
pressure reading when prelubing.... tracked that down to a dead end 
connection at the front of the block...which I think is the result of a 
buick front cover on a olds block...now waiting for a sandwhich oil cooler 
adaptor to fix that.
-Get some wheels and tire on it and GET IT OFF THE JACKSTANDS!!! So I can 
get the rest of the kinks out of it.....and then the cosmetics.

Immediate oil pressure on fire up was 70 lbs.at 2,000 RPM  by the time we 
shut it down the pressure was 10 lbs at idle. How normal is this?

I figure a lot of the heat is due to the normal tightness of a new 
engine....at least that is what I've heard from others with similar 

Thanks for being out there to listen and share.

Jim Briggs
proud new papa!

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