[V8Vairs] It's alive!!

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Congratulations Jim, I have a customer here in Denver with almost the same
car, I think his is closer to 300ci.  He has been working on his for lots
than 2 years however.  Need to figure out how to get him involved with this
group but I have failed so far.

You should be in good shape to enjoy it this summer.

Best, Steve

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> Finally after 2+ years on jack stands, my 267 rear engine aluminum Olds
> Corvair Corsa has come to life. Yesterday evening with the help of 2
> and after an extensive pre-ignition check list and pre-lubing...it fired
> immediately.  Man did it sound sweet, even with the temporary exhaust I
> fabbed up just to keep the neighborhood off my case. It got hot (215
> degrees) quickly which we attributed to air in the cooling system that
> hindered the thermostat opening. After a short cool down and clamping the
> heater lines to force more flow thru the radiator and adding more coolant
> again fired quickly.  This time the thermostat did open and the radiator
> fans came on and it held temp at 200 for the duration of the cam break in
> period. We pulled the oil filter and drained the oil (10W30) all looked
> clean.  We refilled with 10W40.
> Now on the list.
> -Fix the leaking electric fuel pump that cracked at the fitting when
> installed but did not show up til gas was in the tank for over an hour.
> -Work on the leaks around the oil pan....this area was giving me fits even
> with only assembly oil in the engine...but I thought I had that fixed til
> it ran a while.
> -Get the accusump plumbed...which I thought it was untill we got no oil
> pressure reading when prelubing.... tracked that down to a dead end
> connection at the front of the block...which I think is the result of a
> buick front cover on a olds block...now waiting for a sandwhich oil cooler
> adaptor to fix that.
> -Get some wheels and tire on it and GET IT OFF THE JACKSTANDS!!! So I can
> get the rest of the kinks out of it.....and then the cosmetics.
> Immediate oil pressure on fire up was 70 lbs.at 2,000 RPM  by the time we
> shut it down the pressure was 10 lbs at idle. How normal is this?
> I figure a lot of the heat is due to the normal tightness of a new
> engine....at least that is what I've heard from others with similar
> combinations.
> Thanks for being out there to listen and share.
> Jim Briggs
> proud new papa!
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