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Tue Jan 30 16:08:11 EST 2007

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I'm  preparing to replace the block hugger headers on my SBC (original carbon 
steel  with black paint  -  now rusting). I'm looking at replacements, and  I 
have a couple of questions:

1. Given two different sets of headers,  one set made from 304 stainless, the 
other from carbon steel with silver  ceramic coat, which would you choose, 
and why?

2. Are ceramic coated  headers coated on both inside and outside, or just on 
the  outside?

#1 Stainless is more expensive and relatively "stainless" The ceramic  
coating is subject to chipping, etc. But definitely cheaper. I would spend the  
extra money elsewhere. I have a couple of sets of coated headers, no stainless.  - 
(Caveat - I live in California, no snow or salt)
#2 Yes! In other words some are both inside and outside coated, some only  on 
the outside. If you are buying new headers and get them with a coating, an  
inside coating, if offered, is a good thing. If you are looking to coat headers 
 that have already been run, coating the inside may be pointless. They must 
be  clean to the metal for the coating to really adhere correctly. Very hard to 
do  on the inside of a long-tube header. Most headers rust from the inside 
out, in  my opinion.
- Seth Emerson

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