[V8Vairs] Lower strut re-locating bracket holes

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Mon Dec 1 21:09:56 EST 2008


Thanks; the car is being built to (hopefully) be a vintage car racer  
(roadtrack........ IFF they let me in to run in the exhibition class).  It  will also 
be used to autocross.  So I definitely want it to corner  well.
Gary H
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????  That would depend on what you are trying to do with the car.? If you 
use the  original holes in the bracket your rear wheels will tend to stay more 
flat on  the ground but I think overall handling is affected in cornering, if 
you put  the hole up the 1" then you compromise between the stock setting and 
the  aftermarket with a better handling car.? Although my race car was not a 
V-8 I  did use the bracket and I tried both ways and settled on the raised hole  
position about 1" up.

Ken  Hand

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