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Thanks for the great tech tip.  Two questions; first, has  the Lexan turned 
(darker etc) from the sunlight?  And when you put the trim  back on, how did it 
fit (was there a big gap because the lexan was so much  thinner than the 
glass).  I guess 3 questions.  Would you do it for a  windshield on a street car 
being built to mainly autocross?
Gary Hoffman
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??? When  I made mine I used a sheet bigger than the window it's self but 
only slightly.  I then "C" clamped it to the window and I used a propane torch. 
You can just  never stop in one spot with the torch?and must always move the 
flame, sorta  fast. Test on a corner until you get the feel for it. I then 
heated the lexan  and let it form over the big center part of the glass, one side 
at a time. I  then "C" clamped farther down and kept heating outboard in small 
then larger  areas. You will have to have more that just the pencil tip on 
your torch.?I  also used the clamps to help bend the lexan as I got towards the 
outer curves.  Before you take the clamps off mark the lexan so you know where 
to cut it. You  can use a padded jig saw and a fine blade, use a file to 
finish the edges  smooth.

?? When I was finished, it was semi professional looking. the  reason I say 
semi is that if you looked close at the top corners where the  curve is, the 
lexan was a little flatter than it shoud have been. If I didn't  tell you about 
it you would never notice, go take a look Bill. I also used the  rubber window 
ribon to install the lexan as I didn't want leaks and then I put  the trim 
back over it. The screws that were in the trim were there before I  got the car 
and I just re-used them along with the trim clips.

??? The  window has been installed for 5 years now.

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