[V8Vairs] test - Lexan Back Glass

Rick Norris ricknorris at suddenlink.net
Sat Dec 13 07:13:33 EST 2008

I have one of David Clemens lexan rear windows on my race car. It's a very 
nice pro made unit and fits right. I installed it the same as you would a 
real glass one with the 1/2" ribbon seal which you can get at your local 
FLAPS. I used the rubber spacer blocks that come with the kit so my trim 
looks right with no big gaps.
I think David still has some in stock.

Rick Norris
#36 Sunoco Corvair

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> Ken:
> Thanks for the great tech tip.  Two questions; first, has  the Lexan 
> turned
> (darker etc) from the sunlight?  And when you put the trim  back on, how 
> did it
> fit (was there a big gap because the lexan was so much  thinner than the
> glass).  I guess 3 questions.  Would you do it for a  windshield on a 
> street car
> being built to mainly autocross?
> Thanks,
> Gary Hoffman
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> vairmech at aol.com writes:
> ??? When  I made mine I used a sheet bigger than the window it's self but
> only slightly.  I then "C" clamped it to the window and I used a propane 
> torch.
> You can just  never stop in one spot with the torch?and must always move 
> the
> flame, sorta  fast. Test on a corner until you get the feel for it. I then
> heated the lexan  and let it form over the big center part of the glass, 
> one side
> at a time. I  then "C" clamped farther down and kept heating outboard in 
> small
> then larger  areas. You will have to have more that just the pencil tip on
> your torch.?I  also used the clamps to help bend the lexan as I got 
> towards the
> outer curves.  Before you take the clamps off mark the lexan so you know 
> where
> to cut it. You  can use a padded jig saw and a fine blade, use a file to
> finish the edges  smooth.
> ?? When I was finished, it was semi professional looking. the  reason I 
> say
> semi is that if you looked close at the top corners where the  curve is, 
> the
> lexan was a little flatter than it shoud have been. If I didn't  tell you 
> about
> it you would never notice, go take a look Bill. I also used the  rubber 
> window
> ribon to install the lexan as I didn't want leaks and then I put  the trim
> back over it. The screws that were in the trim were there before I  got 
> the car
> and I just re-used them along with the trim clips.
> ??? The  window has been installed for 5 years now.
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